Speckle & Granite Effects for Plastics...
The Potential is Limited Only by Imagination!

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OmniDex Products Corporation is a manufacturer of "Colored Speckles". These speckles are made from re-generated cellulose. OmniDex speckles are sold throughout North America as the number one product to color compounding houses with the highest degree of physical and chemical criteria. All of OmniDex products are made from proprietary formulas exclusive only to OmniDex world· wide. 

OmniDex products have been marketed in North America for nearly fourteen years being used in picnic tables, computer tables, outdoor furniture, pool steps, pool covers, children's swimming pools, pet food bowls, flower pots, chair ralls, fishing equipment, floor tiles, counter tops, point of purchase displays and more with some of the most popular brands of materials in North America.

The complete line of OmniDex Products are manufactured under ISO regulations and have been FDA approved for food packaging. The product line has an exceptional value, in that the longevity of OmniDex products is indefinite. Customer acceptance of this line of products is the highest in the history of OmniDex Products Corporation.

The Presidents Corner

  Quality First

The first consideration for analyzing a product should be, "Is it a quality product?". Then we have to determine if the price justifies the quality. A survey was recently performed by an independent agency that rates plastic and related products for the plastic industry. OmniDex participated in these tests and here are the results;

Properties  OmniDex

 Coated Mica    

 Epoxy - Coated Fiber
Abrasive   No  Extremely No 
 Light Fast  Yes No  No
Degrades w/ Mechanical Work  No   Yes  Yes
Colorant Bleeds or Rubs Off   No  Yes Yes 
 Pin Gate Problem No   Yes Yes 
 High Specific Gravity No   Yes No 
Heat Fast Black Color Yes Yes No
FDA Approved Yes No No
ISO Yes No No
Toxic Free Yes* No No
Bio-Degraderable Yes* No No 
* Approved by American Chemical Council to be environmentally safe.



Here are just a few application idea's;

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