Speckle & Granite Effects for Plastics...
The Potential is Limited Only by Imagination!

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Our Environment

Americans make over 200 million tons of garbage a year.

We at Omnidex are concerned about the environment. Our products are
bio-degradeable, environmentally safe and recyclable.

Thinking as consumers and corporations we can make a difference with the products we
buy and sell. Plastic products account for 11.3% of all municipal solid waste in the USA.
Polystyrene, HDPE, PET and other varieties of plastic all have different properties and
have to be separated to be used as raw material for new products.

The first man-made plastic was unveiled by Alexander Parkes at the 1862 Great
International Exhibition in London. This material was an organic material derived from
cellulose that was once heated could be molded and holds shape when it was cooled. He
also found out the material could be carved into many different sizes.

Omnidex Products are made from cellulose. We are also FDA approved and ISO
regulated. Our colored speckles are fully guaranteed and add color and character to many
plastic applications. All new types and forms of plastics are being developed. Plastics
have increased the performance of the needs of the consumer. We have also developed
some new colors called Omni Blends. These colors are wonderful for counter tops, tile,
paint and plastic pots just to name a few items. Serving our customers and consumers
are our main goal and we take pride in our products that can make the environment a
safer place and also bring beauty to all the wonderful things made of plastic.

We appreciate the opportunity in serving the industry with the highest standards possible.

Thank you
Omnidex Products Corporation


All products sold under the OmniDex label are suitable for use in polymers used tor
food contact packaging under the following paragraphs of chapter 21CFR (Food
and Drugs) of the Code of Federal Regulations:

  • The polymer used In OmniDex products is covered under paragraph 177.1200 " CELLOPHANE".


  • All colorants used In the products are covered under paragraph 178.3297" COLORANTS FOR PLASTICS ".


  • Excellent manufacturing practice (ISO - 9004 ) is observed at all stages of the manufacture of the OmniDex line of products.



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