Speckle & Granite Effects for Plastics...
The Potential is Limited Only by Imagination!

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OmniDex & Associates is a division of OmniDex Products Corporation (OPC). OmniDex & Associates, Ken Bumgarner, president of OPC, and Walter Martin S. Vice President of OPC have more than 50 years experience in the plactics industry, having served as Executives and Consultants. OmniDex & Associates offer their services as following;

Consulting Services

Please call for terms and information

Ken Bumgarner

Tel. 828-781-0133
Fax 828-345-0225
email: k.bumgarner@omnidex.net

Sales Training

Market Planning

Organizational Skills

Customer Service Training

New Business Start-Up

Troubled Business Turn-Around

Manpower Development

Walter Martin

Tel. 757-509-4030
Fax 757-499-4122
email: w.martin@omnidex.net

Pigment selections for matching

Colorant libraries for resins

Near-UV, visible, & infrared characteristics of colorants & special effects

Vendor selection & support

Inorganic & organic pigmants

Dyestuffs fillers, flourescents, pearlescents & metallics

Single & twin screw extruders

2 & 3 roll calendering mills

Melt spinning, take-up, draw twisting, & tufting

Staple & tow

Banbary & FCM compounding & Henschel mixing

ASTM, CONEG, FDA, HAZOPS, & SARA - 13 Regulations

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