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About Us

OmniDex Products Corporation was started in started in September 1994 with three partners. A world-wide search began to find a material which would be suitable for color, adaptation, application, and long life. Cellulose film was found in Europe that met all the criteria. After extensive testing by a world-wide and well known color compounding facility, a decision was mad that has led to the world leader in colored speckles.


The colors that were selected, black and brown, were developed by Walter Martin, Sr. Vice President, Partner and color technologist. The other two partners, Craig Weadon and Ken Bumgarner developed the sales and marketing strategy to combat the existing competition in the USA.


With the development of OmniDex’s unique process of making their product in the spring of 1995. The OmniDex product line was initiated as FDA compliance for food packaging and manufactured under ISO regulations. Since the initial start, OmniDex products are bio-degradable and toxic free.


Today OmniDex Products is incorporated in the state of Georgia, with offices in Hickory, NC, Virginia Beach, VA, Duluth, GA, Marietta, GA, with manufacturing facilities and warehousing in Kent, OH. A new global facility will soon be opening in The Netherlands, serving all of western Europe, with sales, marketing, and distribution.


Partners of OmniDex Products are Ken Bumgarner, Walter Martin, Ed Cubbedge, Dick Fish, and Gary Combs.


1010 13th Avenue Place, NW
Hickory, NC 28601-2300
Tel: 828-781-0133
Fax: 888-345-0225
E-Mail: k.bumgarner@omnidex.net

LP Consultants
Beatrixpark 45
4872BH Etten-Leur/Neth
Tel: 0031 6 21835269
Fax: 0031 76 5264121
E-Mail: l.poppelaars@omnidex.net

1010 13th Avenue Place, NW
Hickory, NC 28601-2300
Tel: 770-362-6379
Fax: 888-533-2787
E-Mail: leigh@omnidex.net

504 Leatherwood Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Tel: 757-509-4030
Fax: 757-499-4122
E-Mail: w.martin@omnidex.net

196 Sentinel Place
Marietta, GA 30067
Tel: 770-579-3005
Fax: 770-579-1020
E-Mail: e.cubbedge@omnidex.net

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